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1. 3 in 1 rechargeable & automatic emergency fan.
2. AC electricity and DC battery power supply is available and transfer automatically
3. 0.5 hours timer and with remote control
4. super bright LED lights and USB port to charge phones and digital products
5. discharge and overcharge protection to extend the battery life efficiently
6. the function of the LED light can work during charging
7. Battery capacity, charging and full charge indicator light.
8.the product is convenient to be used for INDOOR and OUTDOOR functions during time of POWER failure
The Century 16" Rechargeable FRC 45-E is adjustable and has 6-12 hours battery life. It features LED Lights and also has a full charge and charging indicator light. The rechargeable fan features AC and DC power supply modes and a 5 blade technology for efficient airflow. It is adjustable and features automatic oscillation, low noise operation, and a durable motor.
NB: Charge For a Duration of 7hr Before First Use.NB: Not Advisable TO Be In Use While Charging Is On Going because It Damage's The Battery's lifespans 

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