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Automatic Water Dispenser

2376 Kringles + NGN 3,800.00

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Best replacement for your home-use top load dispenser, it is lightweight, compact, a key automatic water,easy to operate.

Using The Best Insulation And High Density ABS Plastic Shell . Food grade silicone tube, odor-free, non-toxic, healthy and eco- friendly, use with absolute trust. The Outlet pipe was made of stainless materal,not need worry about rust cause by water.

USB power supply,Built-in rechargeable battery, can used for 30-60 days once fully charged,About 8-10 barrels of water

Electric and pumping device suitable for pure bottled drinking water,Suitable for a variety of models barrel without pry the lid.

Can be fasten on the bottle mouth or use on desk top,Portable device for both indoor and outdoor use like camping, picnic, activities, etc.

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