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A superb hybrid of function and elegance, the 6 burner oven gas Cooker is the kitchen appliance others are measured by. Featuring an attractive and easy-to-use design, the 6-Burner Gas Cooker ensures the time you spend cooking is always more productive. This splendid design combines electric and gas burners in the most functional and user-friendly pattern. You've got 4 well-placed and optimally-sized gas burners, so you have the freedom to cook four different meals or sides to a meal simultaneously, without pots and pans bumping into each other. The 2 electric burners make this smart and functional gas cooker even more fuel efficient as you can take advantage of electric power whenever available. 

  • 4 Gas Burners + 2 Electric Burners
  • Dimension: 90 X 60cm
  • Double Glass Insulated Door
  • Oven Lamp
  • Auto Ignition for Gas Oven
  • Stainless Steel Top
  • 2 Years Pan Nigeria Warranty

Bake to your heart's delight as it also comes with a fully equipped oven. This multipurpose cooker is ideal for both small and large families. The glass door has been doubly reinforced so heat does not emit out of the oven. The pan support is made of enamel which offers high durability and makes cleaning easy.

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