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GMC, being a leading merchant globally is committed to the vision of the TBC Admin of eliminating poverty globally. In the light of this, the 100% TBC shopping was introduced, among other incentives, to encourage holders of the Crytocurrency have value for their investment and believe in the community. 

By and large, we are consistently creating values at making the One-billion-TBCians-in-the-community target realizable and faster than expected. 

To have a 100% shopping experience in our store, it is expected that the following conditions would be met.

1. You must be a TBCian with an active wallet.

  •    You must have migrated from the 004 to 009 mode
  •    Your wallet must be up-to-date, i.e. You must have paid the admin fee for the month
  •    You must have enough Kringles in your wallet 
  •    You are expected to purchase Kringles worth N40,000:00 (or equivalent) from GMC
  •    You must pay a monthly maintenance fee of N1000:00 (or equivalent)  and buy a shopping card for N500:00 

You are qualified to commence shopping as soon as all these conditions have been satisfactorily confirmed.


After the first time shopping, it would be required of you to refer at least a person in the following month to shop. 


  • For every person you refer, you would be paid a sum of Three thousand Naira (N3000:00)
  • As soon as the number of persons referred is  equal to five(5), you are qualified to exchage 10 Kringles for $100 (or N36,000:00).
  • You are also qualified to receive N1200:00 on every person your referred person refers and qualified to receive N800:00 on the person in the third stage from you.


Join the crew of happy people today!


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