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GMC did not assure you a get rich quick investment as this platform is not a ponzi scheme programme or otherwise, but we guarantee you that your money is safe and secured during your course of your investment with us.
- Note that your investment can only be terminated after 3 months of your investment,(if there be any reason to).
- Your capital is insured for the period of investment.
- A two weeks notice shall be given prior to termination of your investment.


- As a proof of your investment, a confirmation notice will be sent to you within 3 working days of your investment.
- Investment commitment fund received before the 12 noon cut off period will be processed within the same business day while processing period takes 72 hours before due date.
- Any payment received after cut-period shall commence for processing the next business day.
- 5% one off commission as referral bonus(Note: Referral is not compulsory).

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