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GMC Global Resources Limited is a registered company with corporate affairs commission (CAC) of Nigeria.

We are an indigenous firm offering a wide range of service and proffer solutions which includes but not limited to the following: Consultancy, Business Development, Marketing, Forex Trading, Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency trading of all kind such as Bitcoin, The Billion Coin (TBC), Ethereum, Plantincoin etc.

GMC is formed by some set of individual with professional expatriate who came together to pioneer the vision of GMC Global Resources Ltd.

GMC is a stakeholder of TBC, a leading merchant and also a promoter of digital currency.

We create awareness of what blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and its use cases is all about within and outside Nigeria.

Over the years, we have executed numerous seminars, workshops, events and series of activities like Trade Fair, Sales Exhibition, Christmas Crypto Funfair, GMC digital shopping anniversary to mention but a few have been used to ascertain the level of peoples response and acceptance to cryptocurrency across the globe.

We have carried out hypothesis and workshop research on the use cases of blockchain and cryptocurrency(digital money), this gives us explicit view of its numerous advantages over fiat currency(paper money)


It is of no doubt that our 3C’s (Commitment, Consistency, and Continuity) has earned us the outstanding goodwill we harbor presently in this community of digital currency.

This gives us the confidence to tell you that we are more than capable to deliver at any given time within and outside Nigeria.

Our strong network of expansion has enabled us to cover a wide range of countries across African continent such as Ghana, Togo, Benin Republic, Cameroon, Kenya, Uganda etc.

Aside from promotion of cryptocurrency, we accept cryptocurrency as a means of payment for goods and services purchased from our stores because GMC has a physical store where you can come and buy various kinds of goods and services and pay with your cryptocurrency.

We also provide addition service like:

  • Creation of Blockchain wallet account
  • Activation of expired/dormant wallet account.
  • Redemption of TBC into your personal wallet account.
  • Management of client account.




Our Vision

To be a global expert in using information and innovative technologies for human development and economic growth digitally.

Our Mission

To remain a leading merchant in supply of goods, services and relative information towards customer development and empowerment.

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